Dan Stevers

about DAN

For over a decade Dan Stevers has been producing thoughtful and inspired media for worship services. His work often deals with difficult or sensitive topics and Dan always manages to present the gospel in fresh and unexpected ways.

Dan began his journey making church media in 2005. While working as bartender, he took on a volunteer position making videos for his local church despite having no experience. Through online tutorials and the support of his church leadership Dan’s work became more ambitious in both content and execution. After posting his work online, churches began contacting Dan asking to use his work in their services. Dan’s work resonated with pastors and congregations all around the world and began to be translated into six different languages. In 2009 was launched as a media resource site for the global church.

No longer content being a one man production team, Dan began collaborating with other artists and his work once again became more ambitious. After years of collaborating with other artists it became apparent that had outgrown its initial vision so in 2021 was launched as a home for artists and creators to share their work with the global church.

Dan Stevers continues to produce unique and thought provoking content for churches. If you’re looking for short films that go beyond the cliché or motion backgrounds that will transform a worship space you will definitely want to check out Dan’s work.

Dan Stevers


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